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When faced with a life-threatening event, Go²Blu guarantees the timeliness of the two most significant preservers of life:


  • Implementing emergency lockdown protocols on-site


  • Initiating and expediting the response of law enforcement personnel



  • Split-Second Alerts


  • Digital Audio Broadcasting


  • Two-way radio Messaging     


  • Internet Audio Messaging



  • Go²Blu Communicates and Distributes the right information to the right people at the right time.


  • Pre-defined messages are used to seamlessly implement facility/community policy during an emergency.



  • Go²Blu excels in communicating and defining an Active Shooter Alert in seconds.


  • The moment a teacher or staff member presses the Alert, Go²Blu delivers specific audio and display messages to Public Safety 911 and vehicles and to all school building occupants.



Go²Blu signals access control systems to lock all school doors.


  • Go²Blu can wirelessly monitor all other non controlled doors.


  • Go²Blu issues alerts uses existing building communications systems.



  • Go2Blu Notify 2.0 manages all content needed to navigate to and through a building with the touch of one button from any Mobile Data Terminal or Dispatch Console.


  • Go²Blu Cloud Servers automatically deliver 'one-touch to open' links granting secure plan access to Emergency Responders. We use any combination of Text, Email or Internet Messaging.

Navigation Tools for First Responders

Go²Blu takes the standard of Active Shooter Alert communications a step further by integrating: Emergency Responder Mapping Technologies engineered for mouse over and one-click access in the floorplans. With enhanced maps and floorplans First Responders can see:


  • Photos of entry/exit points and interior building areas.


  • Live video feeds from school building cameras and more.




  • Go²Blu operates during power loss up to 24 hours.


  • Go²Blu assures that Emergency Responders can stay connected to Go²Blu's live data feeds even when many or all dependent building systems have failed.


  • Go²Blu provides failover communication options.

Notify 2.0 Active Shooter Alert System is a FREE Service to all Public Safety Agencies

Connecting Schools with Public Safety in just seconds.


Notify 2.0 is designed for school teachers.  When a teacher activates a Notify Active Shooter Alert, the message is received by all classrooms in the building and all Public Safety assets; making everyone immediately aware of the exact location of the alert.

Police, Fire and EMS:

Notify 2.0 works across all Public Safety vehicles and 911 Dispatch Consoles.



NEW: Notify 2.0 is a FREE service to all Public Safety Agencies.